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RTC Fife Machine, Inc. is a growing manufacturer of metal and composite parts and assemblies for customers in the aerospace, defense and transportation industries. With over 3 decades of experience, RTC Fife has developed world-class skill in manufacturing high strength, high heat treat and complex components for critical structures.

RTC Fife operates numerous multi-axis milling and turning centers in its production facility in Fife, Washington plus other equipment needed for quality control and operations. Internally or through its outsourced vendors, RTC Fife provides, cutting, turning, milling, jig boring, jig milling, honing, broaching and grinding ID/OD of bar stock, forgings and castings.

RTC Fife can produce the most exacting tolerance machined components. We are more than happy to provide turnkey parts complete through required processing, finishing, painting and assembly including detail components.

Our focus on lean manufacturing strategies enables us to provide responsiveness to customer requirements that you will rarely find. We have taken this well beyond standard practices by designing our own proprietary work holding system for CNC milling centers.

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In addition, we have made formidable advancements in machine programming methodology in the high-speed venue. The combination of our unique programming methods fixturing line allows us to manufacture hundreds of different applications in just a single machining operation. That is lean manufacturing at its best.


RTC Fife was started over 35 years ago with a single machine working out of the founder's garage. In 1986, with just 5 employees the company began manufacturing parts for Boeing. In 1989, the company incorporated in Washing State as RTC Fife Machine, Inc.

In 1995, the company built and moved into a 25,000 square foot facility in Fife Washington. RTC Fife continued to grow as the aerospace community became increasingly aware of RTC Fife's abilities to manufacture aerospace parts to the most exacting specifications.

In 2007, Boeing awarded RTC Fife with Supplier of the Year for purchased outside production. RTC Fife is committed to offering this same award winning service to all of our customers.

In the fall of 2010, RTC Fife moved into a 57,000 square foot facility. This new facility is the next step in the growth of RTC Fife with space to more than double our production abilities.


RTC Fife carries the following certifications:

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